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Mie Iwatsuki stars as an urbanite not unlike those of detective films in the 70s, donning designs by Yeohlee.

The surfer’s lifestyle with a twist, featuring Django Palty.

Fashion designer Yeohlee showcases her newest line in a walkthrough alongside the new Yeohlee showroom on West 29th Street. 

A collection of block-color garments coupled with decorative sketches, this collection emphasizes the themes behind Yeohlee’s trending hashtags #bearwitness and #homeofthebrave

This feature tops off the conversation with pop appearances by New Yorkers of all walks of life.

The newest line by Tantris is explored in this BTS feature documenting models in select shooting locations across 

Los Angeles. 


Trendy athletic wear is highlighted against an industrial 

backdrop on the city’s rooftops and streets.

Pieju Chien-Pott exhibits poses for yoga, meditation, and interpretive dance in a motion that slows down time itself.

L’Oréal’s Balayage service is the company’s “most requested highlighting service,” with this promo featuring products for hair colors from brunette to blonde to copper.

Pieju Chien-Pott exhibits new designs by Shiatzy Chen in a New York rendition on dance and gymnastics.

Luci Ford stars in the music video for Bluetooth by Laila Al Habash.