Miami Drone Pilots

Concordia Productions Aerial and Drone Photography Division

Malibu Action

Its easy to fly a drone… but not all pilots are visual artists.

Tom Concordia applies his unique artistic genius to everything he does and that includes aerial photography.

“Tom made the light dance”

A. Happi client
Flight and Light
DJI Air2s


Using the super DJI Air2s. 5.4k Video Resolution. 1 inch sensor. Enhanced HDR capabilities

In Action


Survey, Insurance, Property Review, Real Estate, Weddings, Events, Boat Launch, Documentary

Mobile Station WIFI capable


South Florida, New York Los Angeles, Bangkok

Welcome to Miami Drone Pilots ——->We love to fly Drones

Miami Drone Pilots. FAA Licensed + $5 Million Insured. Trusted by Film & TV. Approved for flights over people & night.

The view is better from higher up